Mixed hedge containing hawthorn and field maple Taxus baccata (common yew) cones

Hedging Plants and Trees

Prunus laurocerasus (common laurel) hedge The former bishop's palace garden in Castres in France
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Ligustrum hedging plants and trees

    Ligustrum (privet) species are vigorous evergreen or semi-evergreen shrubs. Ligustrum hedges respond very well to clipping and will make a dense sturdy hedge. Ligustrum hedge plants produce abundant cream scented flowers around mid-summer.

Ligustrum ovalifoliumLigustrum ovalifolium Aureum
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Ligustrum vulgare Atrovirens

Oval leaved privet (ligustrum ovalifolium)

from £0.56

Golden leaved privet (ligustrum ovalifolium 'Aureum')

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Wild privet (ligustrum vulgare)

from £0.67

Wild privet (ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens')

from £0.83

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